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Cartier: The Man

JUSTSO is an Award-Winning Retail Design Agency. We provided the Pop Up Shop Design and Creative Retail Solutions for Cartier at Harrods.

Cartier sought to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Louis Cartier’s invention of the first wristwatch, with an exhibition of the past, present, and future of the mechanical men’s wristwatch.

Harrods was the location for their celebration and they required an immersive space that would allow them to provide a bespoke experience for their clientele.

It was essential to keep in mind that this was not only a pop up shop design, but also the occasion to commemorate Cartier’s extensive heritage and celebrate their innovative concepts.

A brand experience of educational and interactive diversity celebrating the craftsmanship of Cartier. We thought it essential to communicate what truly makes a their watch tick.

We kept a strong roman numerical theme recurring throughout the pop-up to keep a masculine connotation to time. The main boutique area delivered the brand’s story and timeline. This space provided the main area for clientele to browse and purchase.

The Watch Bar segment provided an area for the perusing of merchandise, whilst providing education of the inner workings and mechanics of the watches. This allowed the area to immerse the client and convey the brand ethics. Exquisite timepieces were exhibited from the Cartier archives alongside concept pieces, in order to celebrate both the past and the future. Partnered with the Club Lounge to provide an area for clients to relax and absorb the brand experience with a glass of Cartier Maison champagne.

For those with a VIP Cartier relationship a sectioned space by appointment. The latest mirror technology, to enable floating images of timepieces, provided a marvellous exhibition spectacle.

Cartier successfully celebrated their 110th anniversary and exhibited at Harrods between 25th October – 19th November 2014.