Events & Press Launches

We offer a bespoke concierge style event management service for corporate and luxury events.

Design for luxury brands is at the core of our business, so we understand the aesthetic and intricate detail required for the production of your luxury or corporate event. We provide every client with a tailor-made service which is designed to ensure that your event is a unique and unforgettable experience.


Whether it’s a conference or launch event, we operate globally in order to achieve memorable events with our clients. We have an innate understanding of the expectations of the luxury delegate and strive to create an experience that will be unique and unsurpassed.

We combine innovative conceptual ideas with an attention to detail which will fully ensure that your event will delight your guests, and offer your teams peace of mind that every conceivable detail will be taken care of.


We approach event management as if we were organising an event for our own brand. We work closely with you to make decisions clear and concise.

We can also take full accountability for your event, from ideation, planning, sourcing all the way to event coordination on the day. We strive to create an experience your delegates will never forget. We won’t ever lose focus on your event objectives.



Whatever your overarching objectives, when you are arranging an event, we understand that you need to ensure that your clients have an enjoyable experience that will last in their memory.

JUSTSO are experts in luxury design. Our experience of creating spaces which are designed to drive engagement is applied to our events, to ensure that the flow and atmosphere meets your objectives.