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Swarovski: Christmas 2014 Vienna, Austria

For Christmas 2014, JUSTSO, one of the leading Retail Design Companies, collaborated with Luxury Austrian Crystal brand Swarovski to capture the spirit of the festive season with a beautiful art installation featured on the main stage of their flagship store in Vienna.

Playing with the contrasts between the pure elegance of the snowy winter landscapes and the ultramodern urbanity of a metropolis today, JUSTSO has designed an iconic installation that symbolises the purity and playfulness of the brand and the festive season.

A white reindeer stands proudly on a mound of snowy crystals centre stage. This enchanted animal showcases surreal, branch like antlers covered completely in the sparkling Swarovski crystals. Perched up these crystallised antlers are two turtle doves from the Swarovski range.

Using only white for the installation has allowed for the crystals to really steal the show. Different lighting effects have been incorporated during the day and night to allow the crystals to reflect and sparkle in the various tones of light that pour into the space.

The Art installation launched on the 10th November and will be featured in Swarovski Wien until 11th January 2015.

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