Swarovski: Kristallwelten Exhibition

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The Austrian based ‘Swarovski Crystal Worlds’ are a gorgeous feat of creativity and design. The location celebrates crystal in all forms, with 14 hidden underground chambers dedicated to aesthetic expression through crystal.

Both bold new designs, as well as fabulous interpretations of some of history’s most iconic artists have taken space within these caves. The recreation of Salvador Dali’s “The passing of Time” is just a single example – the iconic clock face reworked in solid crystal is a feast for the eyes!

Swarovski’s crystals have also made famous appearances throughout the fashion world, with Alexander McQueen using the crystals frequently in his designs as well as a spectacular one-of- a- kind Swarovski Christmas tree. It was created from 100,000 Swarovski crystals on polished stainless steel – a remarkable piece of art, originally commissioned by the V&A, now also taking up permanent residence atKristallwelten.

Visiting Kristallwelten is like stepping into another universe, an experience that Swarovski wanted to continue through to their on-site store, where visitors could take home a memory of their visit. Swarovski came to the JUSTSO team, with a brief of refreshing this space, and, knowing JUSTSO’s reputation for creating remarkable experiential shopping experiences, we were given full creative rein of this project – Swarovski’s only prerequisite, that all three stages celebrate the brand through the use of its breathtakingly beautiful crystals.

The JUSTSO team had three platforms to work with, it was a fabulous creative space, and after several stages of idea gathering and planning, a final concept was agreed; the theme was set to that an enchanted summer garden – tying in with the brands ideologies of glamour intrigue and mystery. Now all that was left to do was to bring the story to life.

For the first stage, JUSTSO created an archway entwined with white roses and Swarovski crystals, enveloping into a seated swing, where a mannequin draped in a Swarovski dress chosen specifically by JUSTSO to set off the display beautifully. The JUSTSO team also used carefully chosen expressive mannequins to convey the emotions found within each stage. The crystals found in this display are present everywhere, from the figures toes where a sea of green crystal represent the grass at the models feet, to a spectacular curtain of hanging crystal which appears to be coating the entire scene in a shower of crystal raindrops.


The second stage, similar in concept and design features a standing mannequin, in another Swarovski encrusted dress, beneath another rose embellished archway. The model is gazing into the distance, ensuing emotions of romance and loneliness.


The final stage is startlingly different, surrounded by an angular steel band – encasing the display and making it appear as any priceless artefact found in any modern museum. The interior design is minimal, chic an elegant – again featuring a single standing model, draped in arguably the most striking of the three garments. The dress which features intricate patterns of crystal, which surpass over the alluring backless design of the dress – fades into a sparkling pool, or depending on how closely you look, a sparkling of sparkling pool of crystal.

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Live: May 2013 @ Swarovski Palace, Innsbruck