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Swarovski: 120th Anniversary Wattens, Austria

JUSTSO, having worked with Swarovski for a number of years on many international projects, were ecstatic to be involved involved in providing creative retail solutions for their 120th anniversary celebrations. Swarovski crystals have become an indispensable resource in a wide-range of industries, boasting a rather impressive client list of leading luxury brands. They have had the honour to collaborate with the most influential creative minds across numerous generations.

Their headquarters based in Wattens, Austria was the location for the festivity. JUSTSO were commissioned to provide creative retail solutions which included designing and creating an installation to enchant guests at their business centre, located near the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Built to mark their centenary year, the Crystal Worlds attract over one million visitors per year – making our involvement that much more honourable. JUSTSO devised a number of concepts and ideas for the companies team, but they went with our charming concept of a merry-go-round, garnished with collaborative product from the brand archives.

The concept developed and we initially built the merry-go-round in the UK then transported it in segments to Austria. It was then assembled on-site a couple of days before the reopening of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and Wonder Chambers – unveiled to international press. The merry-go-round and accompanying mannequins were dressed with archived product including a black dress worn-by Dame Shirley Bassey.

Stuart Henry, Managing Director, was honoured to have attended the main 120th Anniversary event. There is a saying in Wattens that the first son of the family inherits the farm, while the others become crystal-cutters at Swarovski. Many locals consider Swarovski to be part of their family-business. We too at JUSTSO consider Swarovski part of the family. We congratulate them on their longevity and look forward to supporting them on future projects.