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Dior: So Dior Exhibition

Celebrating the life of one of the world’s leading fashion houses, Christian Dior; what better place to host an exhibition charting this wonderful brands history than Harrods – a store mirroring Dior’s reputation for quality and elegance? In celebration of the event, Harrods turned to the JUSTSO team, to provide creative retail solutions and help get the store ready to host this fabulous exhibition- the task in hand was turning a green store grey…

Dior’s signature colour was to temporarily take over Harrods’s green heritage. It was a fabulous branding opportunity for Dior, and the JUSTSO creative team collaborated with the designer to make sure that every detail was just so.

To begin with, JUSTSO wrapped the Harrods store in a chic grey panelling – a vintage inspired design – in line with trailing Dior’s history of elegance. These themes were to continue throughout the store, across women’s and menswear, right through to the makeup counters of the fabulous ‘Whitehall’, where the Dior embellishment was continued with two giant urns, which erupted into a glorious fountain of white roses.

This theme was extended right up to entrance of the ‘So Dior’ exhibition, where two elegant silhouettes of period figures echoed Dior’s transportation through time. An elegant grey carpet was also set to lead visitors through in style to the exhibition.

The exclusive VIP Harrods Penthouse area wasn’t left out. Along with the signature grey panelling, Dior’s stamp was extended to the VIP area’s luxurious dressing rooms, with extravagant leather padded interiors. As a centre piece for this area the JUSTSO creative team set transformed grey post boxes – another theme extended across to the perfume counters of Harrods ‘Blackroom’.

If that wasn’t enough, the ‘pièce de résistance’ of the JUSTSO teams efforts was clearly in the beautiful display and set up of the tea rooms, which had been created to give guests the full ‘Dior Experience’ and a memory of Harrods that they will never forget.

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