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Rootstein: London Showroom

JUSTSO is one of the leading Retail Store Design Firms who are proud to have supported Rootstein Mannequins with their brand new showroom in London. As Tony Crathern, long-time friend of JUSTSO takes on the role as their creative director.

Industry leaders in bespoke mannequin design, Adel Rootstein, recognised the need for luxury mannequins for window display in the late 1950s. Based on iconic figures of the era – most notably the Twiggy and Donyale Luna mannequins revolutionised the industry.

Our concept focused on creating areas to showcase various models of mannequins. But, not compromise on the feeling of space. We introduced string curtains suspended throughout the space to create a labyrinth of discovery.

Rootstein Mannequins, continue Adel’s philosophy of constant innovation and boundless creativity. We look forward to continuing our long standing partnership with Rootstein.