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Rolls Royce: The New Dawn

JUSTSO is one of the leading Retail Merchandising Companies. We were commissioned to realise Rolls Royce’s concept for the new launch of their latest range of soft-top convertibles, the new Dawn. Advertising agency DUKE chose to approach JUSTSO when they were looking for retail merchandising companies to support them with the retail campaign at the Harrods pop-up space.

In keeping with the namesake of the new range, the idea incorporated the unveiling of the new model with an ‘artificial new dawn’ effect. Created by utilising Switchable Smart Film, the substrate was applied directly to the windows of Harrods and was operated with electrical currents, controlled by a dimmer switch to creative an innovative window display. A countdown every three minutes, queued the reveal of the car and created anticipation.

The real challenge was adding resistance to the electrical current to create a fading ‘dawn’ effect. Stuart Henry, our Managing Director at JUSTSO describes “During the product research we put the substrate options through rigorous testing before we finally decided on the Switchable Smart Film. But, nothing quite as large as the piece that we used at Harrods… it wasn’t until the installation if we’d know it would pay off – as the fade effect had never been done before.”

The Rolls Royce exhibition at Harrods included an interactive screen of the infamous symbol of Rolls Royce, the Spirit of Ecstasy, which imitates the movement of the user. First appearing when Rolls Royce put on an immersive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in 2014. Lastly, a consultation area with a Nyetimber bar, complemented by Fendi furniture provided space for the clientele.

Rolls Royce exhibited at Harrods between 4th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016.

JUSTSO – Rolls Royce at Harrods from JUSTSO Ltd on Vimeo.