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The Point Shopping Mall: Interior Re-brand, Malta

Since opening its doors in 2010, The Point has become Malta’s favourite shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Attracting over 2.5 million visitors annually, it easily takes the crown as the most visited retail destination on the island. JUSTSO, one of London’s leading Retail Interior Design Companies were commissioned to revamp, re-brand and instill a new lease of life into the shopping centre.

The Point Mall had not received an update since it’s opening and it was clear that it needed to uniform it’s DNA. Our main objective was to provide cohesion throughout the building and a sense of ownership of The Point Mall – rather than an assortment of stores.

We worked closely with the senior team to manage the tenants in order to bring synergy to the shopping centre. But, most dramatically we renovated the shopping centre common areas, with custom artwork clad around the columns, commissioned furniture, architectural cladding to the lift areas, signature blue vinyl throughout and overall re-brand of all signage in the shopping centre.

JUSTSO, one of the leading Retail Interior Design Companies, continue to support and work with The Point Mall shopping centre senior team with further improvements to the shopping experience.