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Moynat: PFW Windows, Paris

JUSTSO were commissioned to envisage the window display designs for Moynat, but on this occasion for their flagship store located in Paris at 348 Rue Saint Honoré. The launch of the window display designs would coincide with Paris Fashion Week and subsequently their press week.

Paris Fashion Week is an important calendar event in the year, in which Moynat launch the new collection for all international press and buyers.

Our brief was simple, to showcase the craftsmanship of the brand. Moynat is known for its traditional artisan methods of made-to-order luggage and travel goods. In fact, Moynat was one of the pioneers in luxury leather goods when it first opened in 1849.

Innovative window display design

JUSTSO focused the brief on the artisan tools that are used daily by the ateliers to create the handcrafted collection. Leather working tools are unique and quite different from those used within other fashion disciplines, such as working with fabric – not quite as delicate. We wanted to highlight this point of difference with the true artisan of a leather luxury goods house.

Working directly with the creative director of Moynat, we took inspiration from great sculptors Antony Gormley and Louise Nevelson, opting for a brutalist form and finish with the structures. Focus was given to the metal materials and we utilised an acid wash to produce a forced rust effect on the steel, to provide more character and depth to the sculptures.

Adding movement to window displays

Movement with the addition of small motors was added to two of the supporting props to add further intrigue to the window design. The main supporting structure within each window are built to create the illusion that the product itself is being supported by the very tools used to create them.

Moynat has successfully cornered the market for luxury leather goods within travel after their revival in 2011. JUSTSO look forward to working with Moynat for the rest of 2018 and into the new year.