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Moynat: Mount Street & Selfridges, London

Moynat were inspired by Louis Blériot’s pioneering journey to become the first pilot to fly over the English channel. They released a new range of accessories, which included the Blériot XI plane used to complete the journey, as well as classic cars of the era.

JUSTSO, a visual merchandiser London, envisaged the window design for the Mount Street store located in London. A playful idea based on a plane Airfix kit, portraying iconic memories of childhood. We divided the plane into the various components across the windows, with movement of the propeller in the centre window.

Moynat in conjunction opened their new store within Selfridges, London. Which provided the reference for the Louis Blériot inspiration. As the Blériot XI plane was showcased for 3 days in July 1909, drawing crowds of over 150,000 people. JUSTSO built a custom plinth for the new accessories to be displayed at Selfridges to bring the theme through.

JUSTSO also provided event management support to celebrate the new collection at The Connaught and new store at Selfridges. We dressed the Jean-George space and provided support for the set-up to ensure cohesion of the theme.

We look forward to further work with Moynat in the near future.