Harrods: Christmas Grotto 2014

With Christmas quickly approaching, no trip to Harrods is complete without a visit to Santa’s Grotto. This year’s grotto at London’s iconic store was designed with the assistance of JUSTSO’s design team and transformed into an enchanted Winter Wonderland.

Tying in nicely with Harrods’ 2014 Christmas Concept: ‘The Land of Make Believe’ the grotto features an array of magical surprises adding to the delightful experience. An infinity of birch tress line the entrance and guide the way into Santa’s grotto. Winding through the paths of trees, each part of the journey reveals a hidden surprise.

Peter Pumpernickel, the brave little mouse, and his friends who feature in Harrods’ Christmas advertising can be found hidden amongst the snow-covered trees, hanging and sitting upon branches. Each mechanical mouse has been designed with it’s own personality; laughing, bowing, sleeping or even playing a musical instrument.

Exciting design features such as mirrored birch trees, a snowy log tunnel and a family of Snowmen add to the Christmas spirit. Festive music composed by a musical mice orchestra and an opportunity to take a photo in Santa’s sleigh complete the memorable and magical experience.