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Fabergé: Christmas 2014 Global Campaign

JUSTSO is a luxury Retail Window Display Design Agency. This week JUSTSO directed the successful launch of Fabergé’s Christmas concept in their London Flagship store. Taking inspiration from the Russian fairytale Silverhoof, JUSTSO has created a concept that replicates an open book telling the festive story at different stages.

Enrapturing the storytelling theme of the concept, each Grafton street window display design presents a bespoke open storybook highlighting a key chapter of the fairytale. Faberge’s latest jewelry range is suspended from the branches and treetops in each of the intricately cut pages.

A colour changing iridescent backdrop has been incorporated into the showcases to conceal the books and highlight the alluring environment of the story. Warm lighting has been incorporated into the spine of the books to create a warm glow pulsating through the pages and highlighting incredible jewellery range.

In addition to London, the concept has also been launched in New York, Dubai and 15 other global locations. This installation will be presented until January 2015.

If you’re looking for a luxury Window Display Design Agency, contact JUSTSO.