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Coca-Cola: EKOCYCLE and will.i.am

EKOCYCLE is a collaborative project supported by The Coca-Cola Company, and conceived by global musician will.i.am in 2009, which produces lifestyle products utilising post-consumer waste. Plastic bottles, aluminium cans and other household items are recycled into valuable goods, such as clothing and even bikes! They’ve launched a concession for the first time in the UK, at Harrods. JUSTSO helped to create the window display design for this.

Challenging the preconceived notions of recycled materials by partnering with brands such as, MCM, and Adidas – their mission statement would perceive them as a movement, to encourage brands and the likes of us to view sustainability as fashionable and cool.

JUSTSO helped EKOCYCLETM realise and create their window display design to endorse the newly fitted concession at Harrods. Two windows, and four plasma screens with a dynamic looped video of will.i.am passing EKOCYCLETM product through the windows – along with mission statements, produced a playful effect. A total of 6,750 of the newly designed Coca-Cola plastic bottles surrounded the plasma screens. Giving a strong connotation between the production process and the EKOCYCLETM product.