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Chanel: Coco Crush Event

JUSTSO, an Event Management Agency London, had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with French fashion house CHANEL for an exclusive press event celebrating the launch of their new jewellery collection, Coco Crush.

Hosted at their flagship store in London in their main VIP room area. JUSTSO had the role of transforming the space to reflect the new collection and to present the most exclusive pieces with an engaging presentation. Previously, the event had been held in Paris and we were commissioned to execute the event to the same standards in London.

The iconic quilted pattern from the new collection was the main inspiration for the room décor. The pattern was incorporated into the bespoke, freestanding walls at either end of the room. These full-length walls were covered in a white gold satin which tastefully added to the theme of the event.

The centrepiece for the event was dedicated to the 10-meter-long bespoke table also adorned with the quilted coco crush pattern. We were required to organise the logistics of obtaining the table from Paris and delivering to the first-floor of the CHANEL boutique of New Bond Street. Within this table hid a delightful secret of hidden digital screens that could be revealed by lifting up hidden compartments. These screens presented a movie showcasing the inspiration behind the new collection.

Jewellery pieces were also stored within the secret compartments of the table allowing the guests to get up close with the jewellery. CHANEL’s Coco Crush collection includes five rings and as well as a cuff bracelet available in 18 carat white or, yellow gold.

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