The Point Mall: Building a Brand from the Ground Up

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When it comes to designing a meaningful space, cohesion matters. Design that’s considered, clever and consistent forms the backbone of your brand DNA. It builds trust, it inspires creativity, and it shows your customers who you are and what you do, straight off the bat.

So when JUSTSO, a retail design agency London, was asked to revamp, rebrand and inject a new lease of life into Malta’s largest shopping centre, The Point Mall, we knew that cohesion was our top priority. And that meant bringing dozens of different stores together to form an instantly recognisable brand. Here, we share how we achieved just that.

1. Colour

Every brand should have an iconic colour – a thread that runs across all your visuals, from your logo and website to your uniform and retail space. Not only does a brand colour make you recognisable, but it says a lot about who you are. Enter colour theory. According to this design principle, colours are strongly linked to emotions, with those on the warm side of the spectrum being connected to energy, and their cooler counterparts exuding calmness.

So it makes sense that for the The Point Mall, we’d choose to introduce blue as a calming element in this busy space. As well a tying together the assortment of branded shopfronts, the gentian blue reflects the vivid ocean surrounding the island of Malta, giving the space an identity that’s tied to its location and heritage.

2. Materials

Colours might take centre stage when it comes to branding, but what about materials? Adding tactile elements to your retail space can be an easy way to injecting with a new lease of life, so get creative with them.

At JUSTSO, a retail design agency London, when we think about materials, we don’t limited ourselves to what ‘should’ go in a space. Instead, we think about what each material can offer. Take the ACP cladding that we installed on the lift areas. These panels are usually used for external cladding, but we found that they were perfect for covering over the old tiles that were there before. PVC stripes were then used to hide the ACP join lines, creating a unique architectural design.

3. Signage

Signage doesn’t begin and end with your shopfront. All those small notices add up to form an integral part of your branding? Whether it’s a sign directing people to the changing rooms or a notice at the checkout, those shots of information are important.

So it’s not surprising that signage played an essential role in the The Point’s redesign. Disjointed signs were replaced to create a seamless experience throughout the shopping centre.

4. Amazing common spaces

Being consistent doesn’t mean being boring. Common spaces are a perfect example of spaces crying out for creativity, bold design, and a touch of the unexpected.

At The Point, we saw common spaces as the perfect opportunity to introduce some really memorable design elements. Custom artwork and specially commissioned furniture helped to tie together these areas, creating striking visual impact while maintaining a sense of flow throughout the wider space.

When it comes to creating a uniform brand identity, consistency is key. And that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your creativity. Splashes of colour, flashes of new materials, and clever signage can turn a disjointed space into a cohesive and compelling brand. On the ground, that means creating a space that people want to spend time in. Cleverly designed stores and communal spaces all add up to a memorable retail experience – great news for shoppers, and even better news for retailers.

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