Innovative Digital Retail: Transparent Screens

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You’ve all seen them in the movies, now they are a reality. But, how can we use this technology in luxury retail design?

Luxury retail design is constantly moving with the current digital climate that we find ourselves in today. Brands are consistently looking for new methods to entice and excite the client – in order to generate new sales.

Transparent screens are one of the latest developments in the most recent years. A trend which we will likely see increase over the next coming years, as the technology moves out of its infancy stages.

Often we find that it’s difficult to engage a client with all the relevant information of a product. Transparent screens offer endless possibilities for engagement to provide as much or, as little information as required – allowing the client to set their own level of interest.

Something about the transparency makes them feel less invasive then traditional screens. Which also opens up a plethora of advertising opportunities with mediums that weren’t even possible beforehand.

We are excited to announce that we’re working with partners on an international scale to be able to implement and provide transparent screens – including the UK, Europe, US and Middle-East.

The below video, from one of our partners, demonstrates the use of the screens:

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